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How to Grow out Bald Spots – Babies/Children

Hello everyone I know it’s been quite a while and I thought to create a post on how to grow out bald spots in babies/children. In a future post I will tackle bald spots in adults. Now before we get into the post we first need to identify what a bald spot is. A bald spot is any area of the hair – usually a designated spot on the scalp which contains no hair. Babies usually tend to have one huge bald spot at the back of their heads however they may also have several bald spots. This type of hair loss usually occurs where a baby is between 3-6 months old.

Next we need to identify what causes bald spots in babies. A common reason for bald spots in babies is due to the fact that they are constantly placed on their backs to sleep. The friction from the baby’s head rubbing against the cotton sheets can result in bald spots where the hair around the back of their heads begins to thin out until it eventually becomes a bald spot. The bald spot can continue to spread and grow even wider if the situation is not addressed. Paediatricians recommend that we place babies on their backs to sleep to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). So it is absolutely crucial that you continue to place babies on their backs to sleep.

Babies also spend a long time on their backs when sitting or reclining on products made out of cotton or cotton/blend fabrics such as car seats, strollers, bouncers, bassinets, etc. The cotton fabric may end up gripping or tugging at their delicate hair strands which may also lead to bald spots.

In this post I will be sharing things that can be done to grow the hair in your baby’s bald spot. It is important that you remedy this situation so that your baby does not carry on having bald spots through the toddler stage. Now when my son was about 6 months old I observed he was developing a bald spot and I implemented some things to grow his hair out and by the time he turned 10 months his bald spot had completely grown out. Now I will be sharing what I did, here goes:

In the first picture he was about 8 months I had already started using the Wura's Secret Hair Growth Oil for Kids; in the next one, he was about 14 months and had got his first hair cut. You can see the bald spot had completely grown out

1. Use a Growth Aid: When your baby has a bald spot it is good to use a growth aid to encourage and stimulate hair growth around that area. I would recommend that you use a growth aid from when your baby is about 6 months. In my son’s case I waited until he was about 7 months before I started using anything on his scalp. It is important to remember that children’s scalps are sensitive so you must be careful about the growth aid you use especially when the child is under 1 year old. You may also want to conduct a patch test to be sure that your baby will not have an allergic reaction to using the product you choose. The growth aid I used for my own son was the Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil for Kids. This Oil is mildly formulated with all natural ingredients and yet it is effective to work on children’s tender scalps. Some mothers have used this product on their babies who are as little as 4-5 months old and they have experienced excellent results from using it.

For any growth aid you choose I recommend using a more natural alternative which may be safer for your baby. Other natural growth aids you may want to try out include coconut oil, castor oil, etc.

In using any growth aid be sure to apply it to your child’s scalp at least three times a week. For better results you may apply it daily. However for babies you would find that their scalp/hair tends to accumulate products easily. So you may want to rinse their hair and scalp daily with water to remove some of the oil to prevent product build up.

2. Use a Gentle Shampoo: Babies need to have their hair washed more regularly than adults (about one to three/four times a week). When washing their hair it is important that you use a shampoo specifically formulated for babies. Some good product lines to try include Shea Moisture - Baby, Johnson’s, etc. Always look at the label and check the product ingredients and claims to ensure that you use a good option for your baby.

It is important that when you are shampooing your baby’s hair you do so very gently because too much physical pressure on their heads is not good for them. Also towel dry their hair very gently you may use only a gentle patting motion to dry their hair.

3. Use Conditioner: If you want to grow out your child’s bald spot do not opt out of using a good conditioner. Now I know that shampoos that are specially formulated for children’s hair may have some conditioning/moisturising properties. However a conditioning shampoo is not adequate for a child’s hair especially a child that has a bald spot. Now babies in general may not take so kindly to deep conditioning and I honestly don’t feel like there is any need to use a deep conditioner for a child below the ages of 1 - 2.

However it is important that you use a good rinse out conditioner for your child’s hair. When selecting a conditioner be on the lookout for the product ingredients and claims on the bottle to make sure that it is something your child would benefit from using.

When applying the conditioner simply take a dime sized amount or less and gently apply it throughout the child’s hair – do not apply the conditioner to the scalp. Leave it on for about 2 minutes or longer if possible, you may choose to gently comb it through and then rinse out.

4. Moisturise and seal: When you are on a mission to grow out your child’s bald spot it is important that you keep your child’s hair properly hydrated and moisturised. Use a good moisturiser that is formulated specifically for babies/children especially when your baby is less than 1 year old. Always look at the product label looking out for the product’s ingredients and claims. I highly recommend our Wura’s Secret Hair Moisturiser which is mildly formulated for children’s hair to keep it properly moisturised and hydrated.

When using a moisturiser use only the tiniest amount as too much product on a baby’s fine strands would only lead to product build up. Also when sealing the hair the tiniest bit of oil will do.

If you adopt the above methods in caring for your child’s hair, the bald spot would definitely grow out. Also I will recommend the above methods for any child’s healthy hair care regimen in general as using the above methods consistently will yield excellent results. I suggest that you take a picture of your child’s hair prior to using the above methods. Wait about 3 months and then take an after picture. I look forward to the lovely results; please do send me a message with the pictures at

Kindly share in the comment section below, how you care for your child’s hair and how you intend to implement the above methods. If you need clarification do share in the comment section below and I would be glad to respond to you. Please let us make the comments section interactive so everyone can benefit.

Now do not let me leave out my mums, if you are a new mum who is dealing with post partum hair loss (hair loss after child birth) then this post here is for you. For everyone I highly recommend my post on Bella Naija titled “5 Reasons why your hair is not growing”. I also share how you can prevent this from happening.

TONKA, xoxo

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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Trimming your Hair for Hair Growth

Hello everyone I just wanted to write a post on this topic and answer the question whether trimming our hair can actually make it grow longer. I am sure we have all heard people say that if you want your hair to grow you should get a trim. Now we need to consider whether this statement is actually true. However before we can answer that question we need to first find out how hair grows.

Hair grows in 3 cycles at about half an inch a month. At any given time about 85-90% of our hair will be growing this is referred to as the anagen phase which tends to last between 2 to 6 years. The remainder of our hair will either be in the catagen (transitioning) or telogen (resting) phases. This means that any given time the different strands of our hair will be at various growth phases. The catagen phase is the transitional/intermediate growth phase, where the hair follicle begins to prepare to shed hair that has grown during the anagen phase. It typically lasts between 1 to 3 weeks. The telogen phase is a resting phase where the hair is released and falls out and it may last between 2 - 4 months.

Genetics usually has a great role to play in how long the anagen (growing) phase can last. A person with a longer anagen phase will tend to have much longer hair than someone with a shorter anagen phase. At the end of the anagen phase, the hair will usually fall out. The hair follicle will then remain dormant for about 2 - 4 months before a new strand begins to form and then the anagen phase can start all over again.

From the explanation above it can be seen that hair growth actually has to do with the roots of our hair i.e. our hair follicles. So as long as our hair follicles continue to grow hair, our hair will grow. It therefore appears that trimming or cutting your hair cannot send a message to your roots to produce longer hair. Now let us look into how trimming your hair can actually help our hair as regards growth and retention of length:

After a trim my hair looks fuller and healthier

Trimming gets rid of split ends: Split ends are not good for your hair and actually prevent your hair from growing to its fullest potential. This is because when your ends split; if they are not cut off they can potentially split upwards which can affect the length of your hair. Hair that has a lot of split ends tends to not look healthy and may actually be quite damaged. In the end it is best to cut those split ends off to aid retention of length.

Trimming gets rids of damaged/broken ends: Our ends may not necessarily be split but they may be still damaged or broken. To prevent damage to your ends please refer to this post hereDamaged ends could be caused by over processing e.g. someone who keeps on getting their entire hair including the ends relaxed all the time. In a situation where your ends are damaged the best option to get rid of the damaged ends may be to cut off such ends, this may actually improve length retention in the long run.

Trimming should be done as needed: If our ends are trimmed too frequently, any progress that we may have made will not have a chance to translate to the length of our hair. It is therefore important to keep trims to the barest minimum for example every 3 months or less. Examine your ends, if you do not need a trim there would be no reason to get one. There may be times were only dusting of the ends is needed. For the difference between trimming and dusting and how to do both please refer to this post here.It is important therefore to maintain a healthy and proper hair regimen suited to you so that you can get away with less trimming. To promote hair growth and length retention when getting a trim only cut off what you need to. There is no need to cut off/trim ends that are perfectly fine and healthy except if you are going for a haircut.

Trimming reduces hair breakage: When you trim your ends as needed, your hair would be less susceptible to breakage. This is because when you have split/broken ends, they usually tend to remain that way or get worse. This could lead to a situation where any form of manipulation may result in more breakage. For example whilst detangling or styling your hair you may experience breakage, at this point it may be important to get a trim. Notice that anytime you get a fresh trim, you experience less breakage/shedding. This could be because the ends are fresh; so they do not tangle amongst themselves to result in breakage.

Trimming gives the illusion of thicker/healthier hair: There is truly no point hanging on to dead/uneven ends. You will find that after getting a trim your hair appears thicker and it is easier to hold a style. It also improves the overall look and feel of your hair.

I can therefore conclude this post by stating that although trimming your hair does not make your hair grow, in the long run it can actually lead to longer and healthier hair.

I would love to hear your views about trimming. What is your take on it? How often do you get trims? Or do you prefer to dust?

PS. Kindly refer to some of my articles on Bella Naija if you have not done so already, I provide some excellent tips in my articles here and here.

TONKA, xoxo

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Monday, 6 February 2017

My Relaxer Update + Trimming My Hair

Hello everyone, I am so happy to be sharing my relaxer update. I got my hair texlaxed on Monday, 30th January, 2017. I was able to stretch this particular relaxer for 14 weeks (normally I texlax at the 12 week mark). I can attribute that to my Wura’s Secret Braids Wig which I wore consistently for about 6-7 weeks before getting my hair texlaxed. I know for a fact that without that wig I would not have been able to stretch my hair for as long and as I did. I even feel like I could have stretched for much longer if I wanted to. I found that having my hair in corn rows underneath the wig made my hair less tangled – even at 14 weeks post. I am definitely going to make sure that I wear wigs especially towards the end of my stretch to minimise breakage and tangling.

Anyway I got my hair texlaxed using the Crème of Nature Argan Oil Relaxer I am beginning to think that I may switch to the ORS Olive Oil Relaxer. However I am not too sure yet, my hair seems to like the ORS Relaxer but my scalp not so much. Also I think I am more prone to getting burns with the ORS Relaxer. The only reason I am considering using the ORS Relaxer is that I think it works better for my hair. Anyway I will make up my mind and definitely share my subsequent results/findings if I do decide to go back to the ORS relaxer.

The Night before going to the salon to get my hair texlaxed, I spent time detangling my hair after having it in corn rows for a long period of time underneath the wig. For the detangling process I used only my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil because I felt like if I used a cream or conditioner or anything like that it would make the detangling process more difficult. So I detangled section by section and plaited each section after I was done detangling. I initially had six cornrows done and by the time I was through with detangling I had twelve plaits as I had taken out the corn crows one section at a time divided it in two sections and then detangled. I got to the salon with the 12 plaits still in my hair because I was not about to risk my hair tangling all over again (although I was itching to wear my hair in all its voluminous braid out glory, I knew the pain would not be worth it).

At the salon, the relaxer was applied to my new growth only and as per usual I told the stylist to only put the relaxer on my edges towards the very end. The stylist also applied conditioner to the rest of my hair to prevent any relaxer from getting on my hair when it was being rinsed off. After the processing time was through, the relaxer was first rinsed out. Then my hair was washed twice with the Crème of Nature Neutralizing Shampoo that comes in the relaxer kit. After that I deep conditioned with a steamer for 20 minutes with a mix of Shea Moisture Yucca & Plantain Conditioner, Wura’s Secret Deep Conditioner and Elasta QP Conditioner.

The conditioner was rinsed out and I feel like I did not experience a lot of breakage throughout the texlax process. The stylist applied some Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil to my scalp and Wura’s  Secret Hair Moisturiser and ORS Serum (heat protectant) to my hair and then proceeded to blow dry my hair. I would have liked to blow dry it straight but after the blow dry I still had a lot of texture left in my hair which I decided to rock anyway.

After the blow drying was done she sealed my hair with some shea butter, which made my hair feel divine. She also gave me a slight trim. However when I got home I realised that I did not like how my ends were looking so I decided to take matters into my own hands to cut my hair straight across.

I felt there was no way I could get the blunt cut I sought on my own so I decided to enlist the help of hubby to cut my hair. I was very scared and so was he, but I made up my mind that he would do it as I did not want to have to go back to the salon. I showed him several pictures so he would see what I wanted. I prepared my mind for the worst thing that could happen and he proceeded to give me the best trim ever. It was blunt – straight across just how I like it and I feel like I did not loose too much length. After the trim I felt so happy/relieved as no one wants straggly ends and there is really no point in hanging on to ends that just have to go.

Here is a comparison picture so you can see the difference between the awesome trim and the former uneven ends. I will let you all know how I intend to care for my hair before my next relaxer. One thing is certain I need to take care of my ends properly (I feel like I neglected them during this stretch). I would be making sure to implement some of the things I mentioned in this post here during this stretch.

What have you all been up to hair wise? If you have any questions or comments do share and I will be glad to respond.

TONKA, xoxo

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Saturday, 28 January 2017

3 Reasons why Wigs would grow your Hair

Happy New Year my loves! I am so excited to be finally putting up my first post of the Year on 3 reasons why wigs would grow your hair. Quite recently, I started wearing wigs – more specifically a Wura’s Secret Braids Wig (please send me a message if you are interested in purchasing one). For some reason I am enjoying this braids wigs (I feel like as it is a braids wig it is less wiggy) and I have actually worn it consistently for about 6 weeks now. I cannot wait to share progress pictures of my hair in future posts. Please watch this space.

As I have been enjoying the freedom of allowing my hair to rest whilst I care for it, I just wanted to share 3 reasons why wigs are a wonderful way to grow our hair.

1.Wigs are an excellent protective style: Now I know we are all aware that wigs are protective styles but the truth is that they actually are. Wigs are a great way to protect your hair from the elements as well as over-manipulation which might result in breakage. An excellent installation tip is that your hair should be corn rowed prior to you wearing a wig, if you cannot corn row then you should try small plaits. Please refer to this post here for more details on wigs. Cornrows/plaits underneath a wig are beneficial for a variety of reasons. First when your hair is corn rowed/plaited with all the ends being tucked away this is actually the protective style part of the wig which aids in retaining length. So let’s say for example you wear your hair down every day and then install your wig or you comb your hair into a bun/single plait every day and then install your wig you might not be gaining as much benefit from wearing wigs as a protective style. In contrast someone who leaves their hair in the cornrows/plaits between 1-3 weeks and then washes/deep conditions and repeats the process may actually benefit more from wearing a wig as a protective style.

Secondly if you are someone who is not too sure about wearing wigs having your hair in corn rows might just be the trick you need to encourage you to continually wear them. I did not fancy stepping out of my house with just corn rows on so I was forced to wear my wig and that is how I got used to used to it. Before that if I just pinned my hair underneath my wig after about 2 or 3 days of wearing the wig I would give up and start wearing my real hair again. Thirdly, when your hair is corn rowed/plaited it is easier to take care of your hair properly.  

2. Easy Access to Care for your Hair: As I said previously it is very important to wear corn rows (preferable) or plait your hair underneath your wigs. It makes your wigs lie flatter and more importantly you have easy access to your scalp and hair so you can care for it properly. After corn rowing/plaiting your hair you have done the job of putting your hair in sections and detangling prior to having the braids installed. Therefore your hair whilst in corn rows or plaits can easily be taken care of.

Application of hair care products is definitely much easier when your hair is in corn rows or plaits as opposed to when you are wearing weaves, braids, crotchet extensions and other protective styles which do not give easy access to the scalp and hair. You can apply moisturisers, leave ins and oils to your scalp on a as needed basis to ensure that your hair continues to thrive. 

To aid the process of length retention and increased hair growth you should maintain a proper wig regimen. This can include oiling your scalp about 2-3 times daily with an oil that will stimulate hair growth such as Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil. After which you apply a moisturiser or leave in conditioner. You should also have a set time perhaps between 1-4 weeks where you take the braids out to wash, deep condition your hair and then you start all over.

3. Low manipulation hairstyle: Wigs are an excellent low manipulation hairstyle this is because wigs actually allow your hair to rest and just be. When you cornrow/braid the hair underneath you do not need to be switching up your hairstyles hence you are able to retain length. It is also important not to keep on getting your cornrows/braids redone too frequently or else this might result in breakage.

I feel like full wigs may be a more effective and easier to manage protective style as all your hair is covered so you do not need to worry about matching textures (i.e. the wig to your real hair) by straightening or curling which can lead to over manipulation.

I hope you have all enjoyed this post, please look out for all the wonderful hair posts I have in store for this blog. By God’s grace 2017 is going to be an awesome year for us all.

TONKA, xoxo

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Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Products - The 12 Days of Christmas Sale

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are all getting excited as it is the eve of Christmas and what better way to usher us into Christmas than with a wonderful sale.

As a prelude to the official launch of our Wura's Secret Hair Growth Products you can order 2 Wura's Secret Hair Growth Products and get 8-12% off both products. Our products eligible for the Sale includes the Hair Growth Oil - Extra Strength, Moisturising Hair Conditioner, Hair Moisturiser, Detangler, Dandruff Control/Anti-Itch Oil, Hair Growth Oil for Kids, Hair Moisturiser for Kids and Detangler for Kids. To order please send us an email at

Kindly refer to this post here to find out more about our products and you can click on the products tab on this blog for a full list of all our products.

I am also truly delighted to share the news that I was featured in BN Fro Friday on Bella Naija where I shared details of my hair journey and how I was inspired to start making our Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Products. I tried to make the feature as helpful as possible so please do follow the link here.

TONKA, xoxo

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

"The New Beginnings" Hair Growth Challenge – Winners Announced

Hello everyone I am so glad to be finally posting the winners of the Hair Growth Challenge. I must say that I am so delighted that many lovely ladies were able to benefit from it and gain longer and healthier hair which was the entire premise of the Hair Growth Challenge. Thank you to everyone who sent in their entries and followed through to the end of the Challenge. For anyone who was not fully able to take part in the Challenge please watch this space because I am going to be doing more giveaways and Hair Challenges which will feature our Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Products.

After considering the various entries I decided to select 3 ladies whose pictures will be featured on this blog post and to also give a consolation prize to the 1st Runner Up to show my gratitude to everyone who took part in the Hair Growth Challenge, so now there will be two winners instead of only 1. You would recall as part of the rules of the New Beginnings Hair Growth Challenge the winner was to receive a full size bottle of our Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil – Extra Strength Formula. The 1st Runner Up however will also receive trial size bottles of our Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil – Extra Strength Formula and our Wura’s Secret Hair Moisturiser, so that person has the benefit of trying out both of our products.

Now without further ado let us get to the 3 winning entries. Drum roll please…………………The winner of the New Beginnings Hair Growth Challenge is Peace Nwaokocha.

The reason Peace won is because she followed all the rules of the hair growth challenge especially with regards to how the pictures were to be sent and her hair also showed a tremendous amount of growth. Here is an extract of her lovely email:

”Good morning Wura, hope this message meets you well? Felt I should share my latest hair pix. I self-texlaxed yesterday and I'm sooooooo happy with the result. I'm passed BSL now...Yippee!!! Even after the 6 months challenge, I still maintained my hair see the result *dancing*. Thanks a lot”

Now I will announce the 1st Runner Up, drum roll please …………………….. The 1st Runner Up of the New Beginnings Hair Growth Challenge is Ikekwem Tinaqueen Ayomide.

She emerged 1st Runner up because her lovely hair showed vast improvement in growth and most especially thickness. Here is an extract of her lovely comments on our facebook page:

Sorry its coming late ma'am...Here are the results of my hair...Following ur prepoo, deep conditioning and stuff.. all too much to explain...Here ma'am am really grateful our genes don’t have long hair but here I am rocking mine. Its natural... and I hope I win that growth oil... I badly need it..
Thank u ma..#Kizzez..yar d best

Finally the 2nd Runner Up, drum roll please ……………… is the lovely Ghanaian Emprezz who blogs at If  she had a Lagos delivery address she would have won something as well however it is my intention to make future giveaways open to more people.

She emerged as 2nd Runner Up because her hair has come a long way and is now at neck length when at the beginning of this Hair Growth Challenge she had only just cut it.

I would sincerely like to thank all my blog readers for taking time out to participate in this Hair Growth Challenge. I am very happy about everyone’s awesome results which just goes to show that if we care for our hair it will grow.

Please don’t forget to leave any comments you might have. Congratulations to all our winners!

TONKA, xoxo

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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Styling and Growing my Hair using Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Products

Hello everyone, I am very happy to be doing this post because this is where I announce that my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Products will finally be available to everyone soon. We are currently working on making sure this happens really soon so please watch this space. I will be creating a lot of posts on our products in the future and I just might have another giveaway in store for you all.

My Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Products are formulated using all natural ingredients incorporating the various techniques I learnt from my Grandmother Wura whose secret traditional recipes inspired this hair product line. So for everyone who calls me Wura that is not my name as I blog as Tonkabelle and I always make sure to sign out using this name. However from now on I would like to be known as Tonka.

These Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Products inspired by my grandmother’s many hair treatment recipes have played a very fundamental role in the growth of my hair and so I am truly overjoyed to be able to share these products with you all.

Anyway more about that in future posts, for now I just want to share some pictures of the product samples and one of the hair styles I created using Wura’s Secret Hair Products to style my hair, more specifically the hair growth oil and hair moisturiser. Enjoy!

Do let me know if you would like a tutorial on this look. I would also like to know how your hair has been faring lately and how you have been wearing it.

TONKA, xoxo

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Monday, 21 November 2016

Dying Hair with Henna & Indigo

A lot of people might want the option to change their hair colour; a healthier alternative to dying hair with a chemical dye could be henna and indigo. We are all aware of the issues that are associated with hair dyes, now this is not to say that there are not a lot of people with long healthy dyed hair. However some other people may want a more natural alternative to hair dyes which may not require extra maintenance and care for their hair and this is where henna & indigo come in. Also for those with relaxed/texlaxed hair dying your hair with henna & indigo might be a healthier alternative as opposed to a box dye where your hair will be exposed to two chemicals both the relaxer and hair dye. Henna & Indigo are readily available In Nigeria as well as in other Countries for example in Nigeria you can get Henna & Indigo from Konga, the Sizzelle Store and many other shops.

I personally have been toying with getting my hair dyed with henna & indigo because I want dark black hair like I used to have. Henna & Indigo are plant-derived naturally occurring pigments that can dye the hair while still actually imparting the hair with numerous benefits. Henna is a plant that contains a red-orange dye molecule. It acts as a conditioner to the hair; it gives the hair shine and also has excellent strengthening capabilities. Indigo is a plant derived from the dried and powdered leaves of “Indigofera tinctoria” it contains a dark-blue dye molecule. Indigo adds strengthening qualities to the hair, it also possesses anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Indigo cleanses the scalp, restores the natural PH of the scalp and promotes hair growth. To identify authentic indigo powder it should be green in colour and smell like frozen peas. When mixed with water a blue gaze forms over the top. Also when you place wet indigo powder on a piece of paper or cloth, blue dye should leak out.

I am currently contemplating dying my hair with henna & indigo

Colour Information

Henna used on its own will give hair a reddish tint

Indigo used on its own will give hair a bluish blackish tint

Indigo mixed with Henna will give a medium to deep brown hue

Indigo applied over the top of Henna Treated Hair will give a glorious black colour

Amount of Henna/Indigo to be used – General Guide

100 grams (1 box) – Shoulder length Hair

200 grams (2 boxes) – Medium Length Hair

300 grams (3 boxes) – Long Hair

I will be highlighting how you can use Henna & Indigo together to get your preferred Hair Colour

Mixing Indigo with Henna for a Medium to Deep Brown Hue

Prepare the Henna by mixing it into a paste with some warm water and letting it sit for about 12 – 24 hours in a cool dark place by which time the dye would have been released.

Then mix the indigo into the henna paste until you get a yoghurt like consistency. If you feel it is too thick, you can add some warm water.

Allow the henna & indigo mixture to sit for about 15 minutes.

Next section your dry or damp hair and begin to apply the henna & indigo mixture as you would a relaxer or hair dye thoroughly coating all your hair strands. Be sure to protect your hands with gloves and drape a towel over your shoulders to prevent staining during application. You can also put some Vaseline around your hairline and ears to prevent staining.

Cover hair in a plastic cap and leave on for about 1-6 hours. You can also leave the mixture in your hair overnight to get a really dark effect. Also using an extra cap or scarf would produce more heat allowing faster dye release.

Then proceed to rinse your hair to remove any residue. Next you can do a light deep condition with a moisturising deep conditioner. (Rinse your hair, do not apply shampoo as this will strip your hair of the colour which needs about 24 -48 hours to oxidize.

You can repeat this process every month to maintain and improve the colour.

Note: The higher the proportion of indigo you use, the darker the brown will be.

Applying Indigo over Henna Treated Hair for a Black Colour

This is an excellent method for covering grey hairs, for this process you will need to apply Henna to your hair first before you can follow up with Indigo.

First you will prepare the Henna by mixing it into a paste with some warm water and letting it sit for about 12 – 24 hours in a cool dark place by which time the dye would have been released.

Then you will apply the henna as you would a relaxer or hair dye thoroughly coating all your hair strands. Be sure to protect your hands with gloves and drape a towel over your shoulders to prevent staining during application.

Cover hair in a plastic cap and leave the henna in your hair for about 1-4 hours. Using an extra cap or scarf would produce more heat allowing faster dye release. Then rinse.

Next mix indigo with warm water until you get a yoghurt like consistency. Optional tip – You can add a teaspoon of salt per 100 grams of indigo for a darker colour. Allow the mixture to sit for 15 minutes.

Next section your dry or damp hair (previously hennaed hair) and apply the indigo paste as you would a relaxer or hair dye thoroughly coating all your hair strands. Be sure to protect your hands with gloves and drape a towel over your shoulders to prevent staining during application.

Cover hair in a plastic cap and leave on for about 1-8 hours.

Then proceed to rinse your hair to remove any residue. Next you can do a light moisturising deep condition, do not use a protein deep conditioner.

Points to Note:

It is important to use indigo almost as soon as possible after mixing it as the release of colour starts immediately.

When washing out henna and indigo be sure to thoroughly rinse your scalp to prevent any dye residue from settling there.

Do not use shampoo for 24-48 hours after treating hair with henna & indigo.

You can do this henna & indigo colouring process over a two day period if it is more convenient for you.

If you have a lot of grey hair which you want to cover up it may be advisable to do more frequent henna and indigo treatments in the beginning so as to maintain the hair colour.
Then as time goes on you can reduce the frequency.

In your attempt to cover up grey hair do not use indigo alone as this will make the hair still grey in colour and will not give any noticeable improvement or worse, grey hair may turn blue.

You can repeat this process every month to maintain and improve the colour.

To get good colour indigo it is advisable not to mix it with anything else apart from water.

Henna & Indigo may cause your curl pattern to appear looser over time.

You can also do a conditioning henna treatment where you allow the henna to fully oxidize before you mix the conditioner in or a henna gloss treatment where you apply the conditioner to henna from the start.

You can also mix your henna with about 3-4 green tea bags, water with lemon juice or orange juice or vinegar as opposed to warm water alone.

When buying henna and Indigo be sure to buy Body Art Quality.
Indigo used on its own does not tend to dye hair properly, it is best to use it mixed with henna or on henna treated hair.

After dying your hair with henna & indigo you may want to switch to more gentle shampoos to preserve the colour.

Do not use metal utensils when working with henna & indigo always use plastic or glass containers.

Thank you all for reading this post on dying your hair with henna & indigo. If you have experience with dying your hair with henna & indigo please share your method and results. I will also love to know if any others are willing to try this method of dying hair. Please don’t forget to leave any questions or comments you might have.

Forgive me my loves, I am currently trying to sort through the Hair Growth Challenge Participants and will be making the announcements shortly. 


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